our Mission

One is working in a rapidly developing “green” sector, ELEN’s choices made to date have often anticipated the industry trend.

One wants to develop a company operating in the railroad sector that makes a contribution not only as a service provider (the various types of maintenance) but also with innovation.

The innovation will be focused on the construction of electric vehicles, the digitization of processes, and the construction of electronic measuring instruments for the railway industry.

In pursuing the above goals, ELEN wants to invest in the younger generation, so it will develop an in-house training school to train inexperienced young people to work in the various production sectors. In principle, to keep the average age of the company low, efforts should be made to hire people with first experience.

As ecology is a pillar of its economic activity, ELEN will seek to further reduce its impact on the environment through increased photovoltaic systems, installation of a solar thermal system, improved wastewater treatment, and reduction of consumables, especially disposables.


  • to represent a reference in freight car maintenance nationwide
  • to create a hub for wagon maintenance in central Italy
  • to start the new business of building construction vehicles (with the intention of selling in Europe)
  • through INNOVATIONS be manufacturers of tools for railway workshops (all tools will be connected to CRICK)